Install Batteries

Note: If you don't have a real 12S module (i.e. you only have 18S modules), please watch this video prior to continuing. You will need to convert one of your 18S modules to a "Pseudo-12S" module, which has a few minor changes from the instructions shown below.

LiBCM Install Step 12: Battery Module Preparation

DANGER: Starting at the next step, the installer is exposed to dangerous high voltage signals until the safety cover is installed.

Please review this safety video

Choose one of the following two videos: (either 18S-- or 18S-+):

LiBCM Install Step 13a: Install 18S-- Module Configuration


LiBCM Install Step 13b: Install 18S-+ Module Configuration

LiBCM Install Step 14: Attach LiBCM to Enclosure

LiBCM Install Step 15: Connect High Voltage Wires to LiBCM

Note: PCBs between serial numbers D049 and D077 (shipped 2022JUL) might have difficult to turn screws. If your PCB lies in this range and the screws on the green connector are difficult to turn, then apply 100% acetone (i.e. nail polish remover) onto the screws and let it soak into the connector. This will dissolve the acrylic conformal coating that was incorrectly applied too close to the connector. Try not to get the acetone elsewhere on the PCB, as it will dissolve the conformal coating (not the end of the world if that happens). After the acetone dries, apply 90%+ rubbing alcohol to the connector to clean off any residuals. If the screws still don't turn, repeat the process, or contact me for a replacement PCB.

LiBCM Install Step 16: Install Safety Cover