Install LiControl

<Note: LiControl isn't officially released yet>

Follow these instructions to install LiControl

Step 1: Access the Floor Wire Harness


Summary: Remove the aluminum cover behind the seats, so that you can access the floor wire harness between the seats.  This requires removing several plastic trim pieces.  FYI: You don't need to detach the carpet or cargo net from the aluminum cover; just lift the carpet corners and remove the 10 mm bolts underneath.  Leave the screws surrounding the netting in place and just remove both the carpet and the aluminum as one assembly.

Step 2: Connect PCB to Floor Harness

Note: In the above video, the wire harness is cut too close to the connectors.  As mentioned, you should cut the wires slightly further away from these connectors.  However, if you cut too far away (as shown in the following picture), then LiControl will contact the aluminum middle panel (once reinstalled):

Step 3 (optional): Connect Power User Cable 

Step 4: Mount Controls

Note: The joystick shown in this video is no longer used with LiControl.  When installing the new joystick (shown below), the 'dot' should point up:

Using LiControl:


LiControl's pre-installed firmware has three operating modes.  Select the desired mode using the three position rocker switch:
-Mode 0: OEM assist/regen behavior.  LiControl passes all OEM signals through unmodified.
-Mode 1: Manual assist/regen.  All other OEM signals are passed through unmodified, so you still get autostart/autostop/etc.
-Mode 2: Manual assist/regen.  All OEM signals are ignored.  Use this mode if to keep the engine off, even when the ECM wants it on.

Firmware is already installed and never expires. If you want to update the firmware, follow the instructions at the top of this document.  Note: Older operating systems (e.g. Win7, macOS 10.x, etc) may require the CH340 driver to connect to the LiControl hardware.