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LiBCM Install Step 04a: Install (Standard) Grid Charger

LiBCM Install Step 04b: Install (Fast) Grid Charger

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Here's a rough draft of the fast grid charger install process:

LiBCM Install Step 05: Modify Temperature Sensor Harness

Q: My temperature sensor harness was previously modified... the red and black wires are short and connected to a resistor.  What should I do?

A: Cut the resistor off.  Then, if the RED & BLK wires are long enough, cut them to length and then crimp the connectors on (as shown in the video).

A: If the cables are too short, don't crimp the Anderson connectors to the RED & BLK  wires right now.  Later on, after you install the pack into the car, if the RED & BLK wires can reach their mating connector, crimp the connectors on (as shown in the video).  However, if the wires don't reach, then you'll need to extend these wires (e.g. with a short section of leftover wire from elsewhere in the conversion).  QTY2 gray wire nuts are included with each LiBCM Kit for this purpose.

LiBCM Install Step 06: Modify MCM'E' Harness

Q: My temperature sensor harness was previously modified... I don't have the red insulating jacket.  What should I do?

A: Continuously spiral wrap the red wire with orange electric tape.  The wrapping should be two complete layers thick for the entire length that the cable is inside the black outer conduit.

LiBCM Install Step 07: Junction Board Cover Modifications

LiBCM Install Step 08: Junction Board Modifications

Update for those installing the current hack upgrade:

In the video I mention using either an L50S 150, 175, or 200 fuse.  However, I probably shouldn't have mentioned the 200 amp fuse, as it is on the large size.  If you previously installed a 200 amp fuse, your system is almost certainly still safe, but for future installs I now recommend using either a 150 or 175 amp fuse.

LiBCM Install Step 09: Dual 18S- Enclosure Modifications

ONLY PERFORM THIS STEP WITH 18S-/18S-/xx Configuration

DO NOT PERFORM THIS STEP ON 18S+/18S-/xx Configuration

LiBCM Install Step 10: Drill LiBCM Mounting Holes

LiBCM Install Step 11: Fan Shroud Modifications

If you're installing the (optional) heater kit, perform the additional steps outlined in "Heater Step 1: Additional enclosure modifications"