Install 47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM Kit

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Watch the following Safety Video

Step 0: Modify FoMoCo Modules (if required)

Updates: Despite how much I stressed otherwise in this video, you can in fact mix and match 47 & 49.5 Ah modules.  Both modules types are identical... the capacity 'difference' is just marketing (i.e. how quickly the modules were discharged to arrive at the rated capacity).

Step 1: Unbox Kit

Step 2: Remove NiMH Pack

Step 3: Modify DCDC (60S Only)

Step 4: Fit Lower Tray

Step 5: Modify MCMe & Temp Harnesses

Step 6: Modify Junction Board

Step 7: Modify IMA Harness

Step 8: Install Lower Tray

Step 9: Install PCB

Addendum: If you purchased the faster (6.5 amp) charger, there is a resistor attached to the LiBCM Daughterboard.
This resistor has a label that reads "60S:REMOVE, 48S:INSTALL" (see photo below):

If you are installing QTY4 FoMoCo modules (48S), then you do not need to do anything; proceed to the Step 9 video (below).

If you are installing QTY5 FoMoCo modules (60S), then you must remove this resistor before you install the LiBCM PCB.  To remove the resistor, loosen the two screw terminals that the resistor leads are installed in, pull out the resistor, and then re-tighten both screws. If you don't remove this resistor, the charger will not charge a 60S pack.  After removing this resistor, proceed to the Step 9 video (below).

Note: This video shows how to install the 'faster' grid charger, which plugs into a 3x3 Anderson wire harness emerging from LiBCM's passenger side.  The 'standard' grid charger plugs into a 2x2 Anderson wire harness emerging from LiBCM's top side.

Step 10: Install Middle Tray

Step 11: Odds & Ends

Step 12: IMA Cover

Now that the hardware is installed, we need to install the LiBCM firmware:

Removing 47AH FoMoCo (if required)