Install 47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM Kit

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Watch the following Safety Video

Step 0: Modify FoMoCo Modules (if required)

Updates: Despite how much I stressed otherwise in this video, you can in fact mix and match 47 & 49.5 Ah modules.  Both modules types are identical... the capacity 'difference' is just marketing (i.e. how quickly the modules were discharged to arrive at the rated capacity).

Step 1: Unbox Kit

Step 2: Remove NiMH Pack

Step 3: Modify DCDC (60S Only)

Step 4: Fit Lower Tray

Step 5: Modify MCMe & Temp Harnesses

Step 6: Modify Junction Board

Step 7: Modify IMA Harness

Step 8: Install Lower Tray

Step 9: Install PCB

Note: This video shows how to install the 'faster' grid charger, which plugs into a 3x3 Anderson wire harness emerging from LiBCM's passenger side.  The 'standard' grid charger plugs into a 2x2 Anderson wire harness emerging from LiBCM's top side.

Step 10: Install Middle Tray

Step 11: Odds & Ends

Step 12: IMA Cover

Now that the hardware is installed, we need to install the LiBCM firmware:

Removing 47AH FoMoCo (if required)