LiBCM Into Car

LiBCM Install Step 17: Upload Firmware (BETA VERSION)

LiBCM Install Step 18: Install Temp Sensor Wire Harness

LiBCM Install Step 19: Removed OEM Parts

LiBCM Install Step 20 (Optional): Install Current Hack PCB

Update: Several Open Beta customers have asked for further instructions on how to install the current hack PCB.  Even though the Current Hack PCB is a separate product - manufactured and sold by user @Bull Dog - I have filmed a short video showing the process:

Q: What do I do with the 240 Ohm resistor that comes with the Current Hack PCB (sold by @Bull Dog)?

A: Nothing.  Throw it away.  It's not used with LiBCM.

LiBCM Install Step 21: Install Power Cord Grommet

LiBCM Install Step 22: Install Modified Pack Into Car

Addendum1: Do not reinstall the IMA switch cover for the duration of the Open Beta period.  This will allow easy access to the switch, so that you can quickly disable LiBCM if required (e.g. if the built-in buzzer sounds continuously).

Addendum2: LiBCM units shipped after 2022MAY contain a large ferrite core, which reduces conducted noise inside the IMA bay.  Before connecting the high current HVDC cables to the junction board (at 2:00 into the video above), route BOTH high current HVDC cables through this (non-conductive) ferrite core.  I will eventually add this step to the videos... for now, the cables should look like this once routed through the ferrite hole:

Addendum3: Kits shipped after 2022JUN include an additional adhesive warning label ("CONTAINS AFTERMARKET BATTERY, USE ONLY WITH LITHIUM GRID CHARGERS").  This label should be attached to the junction board just to the right of the two high current cables, as shown in the image above.