LiBCM Into Car

LiBCM Install Step 17: Upload Firmware (BETA VERSION)

LiBCM Install Step 18: Install Temp Sensor Wire Harness

LiBCM Install Step 19: Removed OEM Parts

LiBCM Install Step 20 (Optional): Install Current Hack PCB

Q: How do I install the Current Hack PCB? Why isn't this shown in the video?

A: The PCB is soldered directly onto the MCM PCB, as shown in the video. Specifically, the PCB has alignment holes that allow it to slide over the thru hole MCM connector (inside the MCM). The PCB is designed so that it can only fit onto these pins in one way (the correct way).

A: The Current Hack PCB is a separate product, manufactured by user @Bull Dog. I do not sell this product.

Q: What do I do with the 240 Ohm resistor that comes with the Current Hack PCB (sold by @Bull Dog)?

A: Nothing. Throw it away. It's not used with LiBCM.

LiBCM Install Step 21: Install Power Cord Grommet

LiBCM Install Step 22: Install Modified Pack Into Car

(Open Beta): Do not reinstall the IMA switch cover for the duration of the Open Beta period. This will allow easy access to the switch, so that you can quickly disable LiBCM if the built-in buzzer sounds continuously.