18S->12S Conversion Kit

The 18S->12S Conversion Kit is required for LiBCM conversions that do not use a 12S+ module. This kit provides the parts required to mechanically convert an 18S module to 12S. Specifically, QTY6 cells are removed from the 18S module, and then precision standoffs are added, so that the cells in the resulting "18S->12S" module remain compressed (as is required for EHW5 lithium modules).

If required, the 18S->12S Conversion Kit is automatically added to your order during the order process.

An "18S->12S" module is functionally identically to a real 12S module, except for the following:

1: The BMS cable wire harness does not have an intermediate BMS adapter, but instead plugs directly into the LiBCM PCB.

2: DIY LiBCM Kits purchased with an 18S->12S Conversion Kit will not include the 12S intermediate BMS adapter (because it's not required).

Installation differences when using an "18S->12S" module is:

A: In step 12 you will not plug the 12S adapter into the "18S->12S" module.

<Conversion Instruction Process video in work>

Q: Can I make a 12S+ module from either an 18S+ or an 18S-?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a converted (18S->12S) module any less safe to use than a real 12S module?

A: From a safety standpoint, there is no difference between a 'real' 12S module and a 'converted' one.

Q: What do I do with the leftover QTY6 EHW5 cells?