Open Beta Status

Known Hardware Issues:

Known Firmware Issues:

Issue: Some vehicles experience intermittent P1576 issue, due to voltage mismatch between VPIN and MCM'E'.


-Note pack voltage present by LiBCM's 4x20 display.

-Note pack voltage presented by OBDIIC&C display.

-Subtract OBDIIC&C pack voltage from LiBCM pack voltage.

-Change "_____________" parameter (in config.h) to the above result.

Fix: Known hardware issue with MCM's leakage current test routine. The above workaround will resolve this issue on a car-by-car basis.

Issue: The dashboard state-of-charge gauge does not work.

Workaround: LiBCM's SoC is shown on the 4x20 LCD display.

Fix: Need to decipher BATTSCI/METSCI data to find 'magic' byte.

Issue: The grid charger balancing algorithm lacks hysteresis. Not a safety issue, but once all cells are balanced to within 1 mV, the fans will rapidly turn on/off.

Workaround: None required. The existing balancing code is entirely safe to use, it's just still a proof-of-concept. If the noise bothers you, unplug the grid charger after the cells are balanced.

Fix: Separate balancing routine from charging routine, then add hysteresis.

Issue: BCM-specific Pcodes are not implemented. In a fault condition, LiBCM always issues P1648, which safely disables the IMA system.

Workaround: None required.

Fix: Program fault codes

Issue: User-configurable settings aren't runtime configurable.

Workaround: Configure settings in config.h, then re-upload firmware.

Fix: Requires LiDisplay touch screen.

Issue: LiBCM presently only monitors the QTY3 battery temperature sensors. The intake/ambient/exhaust/etc sensors are not presently measured.

Workaround: None required.

Fix: A future firmware update will more intelligently control the fans, based on intake/ambient/exhaust temperatures.

Issue: Firmware doesn't have extensive power-saving features yet, so the battery state of charge will decrease 1-2% per 24 hour period.

Workaround: If parking vehicle for an extended period, turn off the IMA switch or plug in the grid charger.

Fix: A future firmware update will reduce idle power consumption.