Install Heater (5AhG3)

These instructions are an addendum to the DIY LiBCM Kit (5AhG3) instructions.

Before beginning the DIY LiBCM Kit install, I recommend watching all videos on this page, without actually performing the steps.  Then, at the appropriate time during the install process, the DIY LiBCM Kit (5AhG3) instructions reference the specific additional steps to perform (on this page) to install the pack heater hardware.

Heater Kit Overview:

If you paid a core charge, please remember to return QTY3 aluminum plates and QTY3 temperature sensors.

Step 1: Additional enclosure modifications prior to installing modules:

Video summary:

-Drill 3/8" hole for control harness.

-Modify rubber gasket between 18S modules (if using rubber gasket)

-Install foam behind junction board.

Step 2: Install heater PCBs onto each module:

Video summary:

-Install 18S heater PCB with RED/BLK wires onto an 18S- module.  This will be the middle module.

-Install 12S heater PCB onto 12S module (see addendum** below if using pseudo-12S module).

-Install 18S heater PCB without leads onto remaining 18S module.

**Additional modifications are required if using a pseudo-12S modules:

Step 3: Additional steps to perform after installing modules:

Video summary:

-Connect QTY6 heater HVDC wires to 6p screw terminals

-Connect 2p cable to connector on 12S PCB

-Install aluminum plates (with power resistors)

-Connect heater QTY2 HVDC wires to junction board (partially repeats steps performed in main instructions). 

-Install passenger side foam

-Install HVDC interconnect cable

Step 4: Additional steps to perform after installing LiBCM PCB:

Video summary:

-Route 2p cable

-Connect 2p cable to LiBCM PCB header

-Verify cable connected properly, using Arduino Serial Monitor Window (see "Logging LiBCM Data" section on this page for more info).  You must have firmware 0.8.5a or higher for the LED to blink (to verify correct installation).  You must have firmware 0.8.6 or higher for the heater to actually heat the pack in cold weather.