Purchase LiBCM

LiBCM status: Open Beta

There are three ways to purchase LiBCM:

1: Purchase a complete LiBCM from a Certified Installer

A Certified Installer will perform the conversion to your vehicle (for an additional fee).

Linsight does not perform conversions.

2: Purchase an LiBCM-equipped IMA Battery


Buy a pre-converted LiBCM-equipped IMA Battery module, then install it yourself.

The following companies provide drop-in LiBCM-equipped IMA battery modules:

Linsight is working with Bumblebee Batteries to offer a drop-in IMA battery module service.

Linsight does not sell LiBCM-equipped IMA batteries modules.

3: Purchase a DIY LiBCM Kit

Buy a DIY LiBCM Kit directly from Linsight and perform the conversion yourself.

After completing either of the above forms, Linsight will review your submission, then send you payment information. If payment is received within 24 hours, you will enter the shipping queue based on when you started the purchase process. Otherwise, you will enter the queue when payment is received.

The full DIY LiBCM Kit purchase price is $1200.*

*If you don't have QTY1 12S+ module, there's an additional $100 fee for an 18S->12S Conversion Kit.