FAQ - FoMoCo

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Q: What is "47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM"?
A: The 'FoMoCo' derivative LiBCM product is based on the original "5AhG3 LiBCM" product, but stores considerably more energy.
A: The name comes from the "Ford Motor Company LX68 47 Ah lithium modules" used in several Ford vehicles.

Q: What is the "DIY 47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM Kit?"
A: The Kit includes all parts required to perform the conversion, EXCEPT for the actual 47Ah FoMoCo modules.

Q: Where can I buy the Kit?
A: Fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CMT84kotkuePrwgHMJ-BRE9S08nFwYuwoCxdDvtSQ5s/

Q: Where can I buy 47Ah FoMoCo modules?
A: These modules are manufactured by Samsung SDI..  The following vehicles (probably) contain 47Ah FoMoCo modules: Ford Escape PHEV, Jeep Wrangler 4xe, Ford Kuga Hybrid,
A: I did a group buy in 2022, but at present (probably) don't have any modules left for sale.  Fill out this form if you want to join the waiting list: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ykFV-J_uWnzNy4pqEpBgsYzqc6fs2oKq-sZjyNxA9rQ

Q: I looked online and found that there are both '47 Ah' and '49.5 Ah' FoMoCo modules.  Are they identical?
A: Probably.  A user reported that their discharge profile is identical.  I will eventually verify this behavior.
A: I suspect the two values are based on how quickly the module is discharged (i.e. more Ah when discharged slower).
A: For now, I don't recommend placing both types into a single system, but if you have all of one or the other they should both work.

Q: How does the 47Ah product differ from the original 5AhG3 product?
A: Supports 60S or 48S operation, which is either QTY5 or QTY4 FoMoCo modules.  5AhG3 only supports 48S.
A: Stores many times more energy.  60S is ~12x more energy; 48S is ~9x more energy.

Q: How much more difficult is the FoMoCo installation, compared to 5AhG3?
A: Considerably more time consuming... slightly more difficult.
A: The original plastic battery housing is entirely replaced by a custom aluminum tray and middle assembly.
A: The OEM IMA wire harness is considerably modified.
A: There are slight panel modifications to the top aluminum cover.

Q: Will you install this kit for me?
A: No.
A: 47Ah FoMoCo is only offered as DIY.

Q: When will FoMoCo Kits ship?
A: When they're ready.
A: I've already shipped a couple to early adopters... but am working on finishing the entire first (and probably only) batch before shipping any additional units.
A: I do not presently offer any timeline, but am working on the product as a full time job.

Q: How much does the DIY 47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM Kit cost?
A: Final price $TBD, but probably starts at $2000.

Q: That's expensive... I thought you said it would cost $____.
A: It's not expensive.
A: My price is proportional to the parts cost and also the time I've invested in the project.
A: Except for tax purposes, I don't sell this product to make money... to date I haven't generated any profit doing so.

Q: What additional accessories do you plan to ship with these kits, and approximately what will they cost?
A: Faster grid charger... will charge from empty to full overnight: ~$550 (stock charger takes ~17 hours).
A: Heater kit... will keep modules at optimal temperature in cold weather: $300.
A: LiControl... allows full manual IMA control: $300.
A: You can select which additional accessories you want when you fill out the main reservation form.

Q: Do I need the faster grid charger?
A: If you routinely empty the entire pack daily, then you should opt for the faster grid charger.
A: If the car typically sits for at least one full day between trips, then choose the standard charger.
A: I recommend the faster grid charger.  The standard charger is intended for cost conscious drivers who want the experience at a slightly lower cost.

Q: Do I need to grid charge with a pack this large?
A: Technically you never need to grid charge.  However, with a pack this large, the primary goal is to use energy from the grid to drive the vehicle.
A: If you don't intend to regularly grid charge, then I recommend the standard 5AhG3 LiBCM Kit instead.  There simply isn't any need for a pack this large unless you plug it in regularly.

Q: Does LiBCM support J1772?
A: Yes, by using a 3rd-party adapter (not included with the Kit).   Cost: $100.
A: With additional 3rd-party products, you can (optionally) install this adapter behind the license plate, which is pretty slick.

Q: What is the "LiBCM Daughterboard"?
A: A module that plugs into 0.1" SIP headers on the LiBCM main circuit board.  It adds features not originally anticipated when designing the original 5AhG3 LiBCM product.
A: Depending on how your kit is configured, adds additional hardware circuitry to do the following: FoMoCo Heater, upgraded grid charger control, 30+ day data logging, LiControl support, header for CAN bus (no plans to add firmware support anytime soon, if ever), header for external user button (e.g. to note specific events for later debug).
A: All 47Ah FoMoCo LiBCM Kits include the daughterboard.

Q: Do I need the Heater Kit?
A: If you regularly store your vehicle in below freezing weather, I strongly encourage adding the heater kit to your order.
A: Without the Heater Kit, LiBCM will entirely disable regen and grid charging - and will severely limit assist - whenever the pack temperature drops below freezing.  This is to protect the lithium cells.
A: Installing the heater kit will greatly extend module lifetime in cold climates.

Q: Can I add the Heater Kit later?
A: No.
A: There are substantial wiring and mechanical differences between the two Kit versions.

Q: Is a manual IMA controller required for this kit?
A: While it's not technically required, I will not sell you a FoMoCo Kit unless you intend to use one.  The OEM IMA system wasn't designed for such a large battery, hence it doesn't use the larger pack well.
A: If you don't already have a manual IMA controller, I recommend the LiControl product I sell.  When filling out the order form, there is an option to add LiControl to your purchase.