LiBCM is designed for use with Honda/Panasonic lithium modules from the G3 Honda Insight.

The DIY LiBCM Kit does not include these modules.

Where do I purchase batteries?

A: Purchase a set from GreenTec Auto for $750.

B: members can buy/sell modules in this thread.

C: Packs from the following vehicles contain 5AhG3 modules:
-G3 Honda Insight contains either:
QTY2 12S+, QTY1 18S-, and QTY1 18S+ modules, or;
QTY2 12S+ and QTY2 18S- modules.
-2020 CR-V contains QTY2 18S+ and QTY2 18S- modules
-2017-2020 Clarity Electric probably also contain 5AhG3 modules (configuration TBD), or;

Note: 2018-2020 Honda Accord Hybrid contains QTY2 36S 5AhG3 modules, which aren't mechanically compatible with with LiBCM.

I already have batteries.  Will they work?

LiBCM requires three specific EHW5 module types:
A: 18S- or 18S+: Either type works, and;
B: 18S-: MUST** be "18S-" type (see next question), and;
C: 18S- or 18S+ or 12S+: 12S+ is the simplest/cheapest option.  If using 18S- or 18S+ for module 'C', an "18S->12S Conversion Kit" is required (for an additional fee).  If needed, this Kit is automatically added to your order.

Summarizing the above, LiBCM requires one of the following 5AhG3 module configurations:
18S-/18S-/12S+ (ideal)
18S+/18S-/12S+ (ideal)
18S-/18S-/18S- (requires 18S->12S Conversion Kit)
18S-/18S-/18S+ (requires 18S->12S Conversion Kit)
18S+/18S-/18S+ (requires 18S->12S Conversion Kit)

LiBCM will NOT work with any other EHW5 module configuration!**

**Clarification: LiBCM can be made to work with other 5AhG3 configurations, but Linsight doesn't officially support them.  See this thread for more information on how to use unsupported EHW5 configurations.

What are "18S+" and "18S-" Modules?

"18S+" module: The BMS connector is located on the positive terminal side.
"18S-" module: The BMS connector is located on the negative terminal side.  Most known 18S modules are 18S-.

What about "12S-" Modules?

They likely don't exist.  All known 12S modules are 12S+.

Can I use different lithium batteries?

Yes, but from a mechanical perspective, you're on your own.  Linsight will provide double-insulated BMS ribbon cables.  You'll need to figure out how to safely route them to each cell in your system.  Linsight hardware supports systems up to 60S.  However, at present the firmware only works with 48S systems.

Linsight does not recommend using non-5AhG3 modules unless you have prior lithium conversion experience.


FYI: Linsight will (eventually) release an LiBCM-compatible kit for the following modules:

48S-configured Samsung 47 Ah cells manufactured for Ford vehicles (QTY4 lithium module).  There is no release timeline for this derivative product.  It's possible LiBCM will (eventually) support this lithium module in the 60S configuration (QTY5 modules).

Click here for more information on using non-5AhG3 modules.

Where can I find out more about LiBCM's lithium battery support?

Check out both lithium module FAQs