5Ah LiBCM Kit Contents:

1: LiBCM Computer - Replaces the OEM BCM, allowing safe lithium operation.

2: Grid Charger - Automatically charges and balances the lithium IMA battery. Just plug into any standard outlet; LiBCM handles the rest.

3a: LCD Display - Provides realtime system status to driver.

3b: 10' LCD Cable - Long enough to put the screen anywhere you want.

4: USB Cable - Allows simple firmware updates. Provides extensive data logging (to external computer).

5: Voltage Tap Adapters - Monitors all cell voltages to prevent over/under charge.

6: Temperature Sensors - Monitors lithium module temperatures. LiBCM also monitors ten other temperatures (intake, exhaust, etc).

7: HVDC Current Cables - Connects the lithium modules together and to the OEM junction board.

8: Battery Brackets - Secures the lithium modules in place.

9: Mounting Hardware - Connects everything together. A 2.5 mm hex key is included (uncommon tool in America).

10: Safety Conduit - All HVDC wires have a secondary insulator to prevent abrasive faults. This piece covers the modified "MCMe" harness.

(Required) Additional Parts:

Each DIY LiBCM kit includes all parts required to convert one vehicle, except for the lithium battery modules.

(Optional) Faster Grid Charger

Each DIY LiBCM Kit includes a grid charger that can charge the battery in ~8 hours**.

For an additional fee, a faster grid charger is available that can charge the battery is less than 2 hours**.

**Quoted times are estimates, based on charging a standard EHW5 module from 10% SoC to 85% SoC.